Gas Dynamics &
Supersonic Flow

Compressible Flow
Equations of Motion
1-D Isentropic Relations
Wave Propagation
Flow through Nozzles and Ducts
2-D Compressible Flow
Prandtl-Meyer Expansion
Shock Interactions
Shock-Expansion Techniques for Aerofoils
Method of Characteristics
Unsteady Supersonic Flow
Flow Tables/Software

Sections :

  • Compressible Flow
    • System, Surroundings and Control Volume
    • Laws of Thermodynamics
    • Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
    • First Law of Thermodynamics
    • Second Law of Thermodynamics
    • Perfect Gas Law
    • Consequences of First Law for a Perfect Gas
    • Consequences of Second Law for a Perfect Gas
  • Equations of Motion for a Compressible Flow
    • Continuity Equation
    • Momentum Equation
    • Energy Equation
    • Stagnation Conditions
    • Constant from Stagnation Conditions
    • Area-Velocity Relation
  • 1-D Isentropic Relations
    • Sonic Point as Reference
    • Mass Flow Rate
    • Equations of Motion in absence of Area Changes
  • Wave Propagation
    • Speed of Sound
    • Propagation of a Source of Sound
    • Stationary Source
    • Source moving at Subsonic Speeds
    • Source moving at the Speed of Sound
    • Source moving at Supersonic Speeds
    • Response of Subsonic and Supersonic Flows to an Obstacle
    • Subsonic Flow
    • Supersonic Flow
    • Shock Waves
    • Formation of a Shock Wave
    • Normal Shock Waves
    • Important Characteristics of a Normal Shock
  • Flow through Nozzles and Ducts
    • Flow through a Converging Nozzle
    • Flow through a Converging-diverging nozzle
    • Supersonic Nozzle Flow Experiment
  • Two-Dimensional Compressible Flow
    • Oblique Shock Waves
    • Relations across an Oblique Shock
    • Relation between β and θ
    • Supersonic Flow past Concave Corners and Wedges
    • Weak Oblique Shocks
    • Supersonic Compression by Turning
    • Convergence of Mach Waves
  • Prandtl-Meyer Expansion
  • Shock Interactions and Detached Shocks
    • Shock Reflection from a Wall
    • Intersection of two Shocks
    • Strong Solutions – Detached Shocks
    • Mach Reflection
  • Shock-Expansion Techniques for Aerofoils
    • Flat Plate Aerofoil
    • Diamond Aerofoil
    • Interaction between shocks and expansion waves
    • Thin Aerofoil Theory
    • Flow about a Flat Plate Aerofoil at an Angle of Attack
    • Diamond Aerofoil
    • An Arbitrary Aerofoil
    • Second Order Theory
    • Reduction of Drag by cancelling the Waves
  • Method of Characteristics
    • Theory of Method of Characteristics
    • Compatibility Relations
    • Computing with Method of Characteristics
    • Flow through a Diverging Duct
    • Interior Point
    • Boundary Point
    • Cancellation of Waves
    • Design of a Supersonic Nozzle
  • Unsteady Supersonic Flow
    • Moving Normal Shock Waves
    • Shock Induced Motion
    • Reflection of a Moving Shock
    • Unsteady Expansion Waves
    • Shock Tube Flow
  • Compressible Flow Tables/Software
    • Subsonic Compressible Flow Table
    • Supersonic Compressible Flow Table
    • Normal Shock, Mach wave and Expansion Wave Table
    • Oblique Shock Wave Table
    • Isentropic Compressible Flow Calculator
    • Normal Shock Calculator
    • Mach Wave Calculator
    • Expansion Wave Calculator
    • Oblique Shock Wave Calculator
    • Supersonic Nozzle Simulator
    • Shocktube Simulator