Administration Office

This is our wind tunnel laboratory manager, Doug.

Unfortunately, he has to rush off, immediately, to a financial meeting for departmental lab managers. (Trying to get funding to keep the wind tunnel going).
While you're waiting for him to return you might like to browse some of the relevant wind tunnel documents scattered around the office. Alternatively, you could email your request for help, or request for authorisation, to Doug and he should reply once he comes back.

Wind Tunnel Specifications. Information on size of tunnel, maximum wind speeds, calibration factors and operating limits.

User Guide. Mmmmmm. Seems to be a lot of blank pages.

Current Operating Memoranda. Some scribbled notes on the tunnel's current operating and maintenance schedule.

Wind Tunnel Rates of Hire. A table of the current wind tunnel hire rates for various tests and instrument calibration. Produced by some bean-counter from the accounts department.

legal legal legal
Operating Instructions and Conditions of Use. Please read the instructions given in this document. It will show you how to successfully operate the tunnel and ancillary tools. This is also the legal stuff. Sorry but if you don't follow the instructions and agree to the conditions you cannot use the tunnel or the tools in the pattern shop.

Do you agree to these conditions of use?
snr_yes snr_no

email Contact Wind Tunnel Manager. If in doubt, ask for help. If you need authorisation to use the tunnel or pattern shop, if you need help on using any of the virtual wind tunnel components, email our manager, Doug.