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Current Operating Memoranda.

20th Jan -- 28th MarchNormal Operations. For Bookings contact Lab Manager.
31st MarchCalibation testing. No test operations
1st April 2006 -- 12th July Normal operations. For bookings contact, Lab manager
13th July --31st July Yearly Maintenance. Operations suspended unless urgent test results are required
1st August -- 24th December Normal Operations. For bookings contact Lab manager
Special Open Day Event
21 August
Demonstration sessions for prospective students
Special Operators Note
4th Feb 2006
The 3D balance system is still not functioning correctly. Despite several repair attempts, the model breakup in Dec 2005 seems to have permanently damaged some of these components. Repair attempts will continue but at present only 2D flow testing can be performed.
16th March 2006 2D Flow Balance calibrations checked. Calibration factors 1.0 +- 0.01 (accuracy better than 1%)
July 2006Scanivalue pressure recording system installed. Maximum of 181 static ports. Calibration and Verificaiton of system performed. Accuracy better than 1%.
July - August 2007Installation of new support system. Magnetic levitation devices to maintain wing position without interference or additional drag. New system allows wings which are less than the width of the tunnel to be tested accurately. Minimum span limit 1.5m to fit to mount system. 3D flow testing is now again fully operational.
Sept 2008Complete re-calibration carried out. Investigations of model span effects and corrections done in tunnel. Spans < 80% of width of tunnel follow simple correction theory for wt effects on results.
Dec 2010Catastrophic failure of turbine model. Tunnel closed for cleaning. OHS inspection complete, additional safety features added.
Feb 2011Operations resume.
Dec 2011 - Jan 2012
Site Maintenance. Tunnel and Pattern Shop Unavailable at various times during this period.
Dec 2013 - Jan 2014
New Tunnel under construction. Estimated opening date March 2014. At present runs can still be completed in the old tunnel system at
Nov 2014
New Tunnel and Pattern Shop Operational. Calibration testing complete
Oct 2016
Software upgrade in progress. Contact Doug if you find any issues
Dec 2016
Intial updates complete. Server migration in progress. Contact Doug if you find any issues
Jun 2019
All systems migrated to cloud based server. Testing and Calibration completed