Fluid Mechanics

Properties of Fluids
Fluid Statics
Control Volume Analysis, Integral Methods
Applications of Integral Methods
Potential Flow Theory
Examples of Potential Flow
Dimensional Analysis
Introduction to Boundary Layers
Viscous Flow in Pipes

Potential Flow Examples

The following flow images represent the range and complexity of flows that can be modelled using the Potential Flow system. Stream-function and Velocity Potential functions for each are contained in the MATLAB script file entitled stream.m.

Green lines are Equipotentials, Blue lines are Streamlines.

Horizontal Uniform Flow.

Uniform Flow at 10 Degrees angle of attack.

Source or Sink flow.

Vortex flow

Source in horizontal stream.

Vortex in Uniform Flow.

Source-Sink Pair.

Source Sink Pair in uniform flow.


Doublet in Uniform Flow (Cylinder Flow)

Rotating Cylinder in Uniform Flow.

Fast rotating Cylinder in Uniform Flow.

Flow in a Right Angle Corner.

Cylinder Flow near Wall (Cylinder Image Flow)

Source-Sink distribution in stream (Streamlined body).


The following programs allow plotting of streamlines and velocity potential lines fro a variety of flows.